“Davis truly restored order to my home and gave me a sense of having control of my life again."

As a physician I thought I was prepared to raise a child. I quickly learned that sleep requirements and raising a newborn are not taught in medical school. A baby requires a huge amount of sleep for brain development. At 12 weeks my baby was barely sleeping and I was exhausted. That is when a girlfriend recommended I hire Davis. Davis came into our home and threw out all the “crutches” that we had been using to get her to sleep. My life changed overnight. Our baby started sleeping 12 hours a night and napping like a champ! Our daughter is not 2 years old and is the happiest child I know. She says “my bed” and joyfully walks to her crib at naptime. I have referred every single one of my pregnant friends to Davis and recommend they begin sooner than I did. The secret to a happy newborn, toddler, and child is simple…SLEEP!!

One of the best testimonials I can give is my father gives Davis’s number to expectant parents! He says he wishes there was a “Davis” 40 years ago when he had 3 kids.

Davis will get you there. She is supportive and guides you along the way. It’s the best money I have ever spent. 

Dear Parents,

Davis truly restored order to my home and gave me a sense of having control of my life again. When I hired Davis, I had a two year old and a four month old, and I was simply exhausted and overwhelmed. The lack of a predictable sleep pattern took its toll on me physically and emotionally and was also hard on my marriage. I looked terrible, felt worse, and was just a wreck. I simply couldn’t believe how this tiny baby set my entire household asunder, especially as I didn’t remember it being so bad not even two years prior with my son. But being so worn out from the demands of my infant daughter, I felt I had very limited time for him, less for my husband, and zero for myself. Davis changed all that, and really in a matter of hours, and surprisingly easily. I was very worried that I would not be able to withstand my daughter to be alone in her crib, but within a few minutes, she fell asleep on her own, stayed asleep, and awoke well rested. Within days, I could anticipate when she would need to eat and sleep and build my day around this, rather than simply try to feed her and put her down hourly, which was essentially what I had been doing. It was very reassuring to have Davis present in our home with us every step of the way; I would highly recommend hiring her for several days to actually participate in sleep training. I really needed a coach present with me– I was simply too overwrought and exhausted to learn a new plan at that point, let alone implement one. But with Davis here in our house participating, I got some much needed rest–as did my daughter– and we both emerged from the experience much better off than how we had started. Now, at 7 months, my daughter remains an excellent sleeper, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Thanks Davis!

Dear Parents:

I wish you could see Avery’s smiling face. It is the face of a well rested baby. One that I would like to mention sleeps though the night at 3 months old. As first time parents, my husband and I didn’t know what to expect when it came to caring for a new baby. We tried to prepare ourselves by reading every book recommended to us and purchasing every swing/sleep machine/rocking device imaginable that we were told would help our baby fall/stay asleep. After 8 weeks of extreme sleep deprivation and exhaustion, I knew something needed to change. We started with Davis when Avery was 9 weeks old. She had been recommended to me months earlier but I thought, who needs a sleep trainer? Now my mentality is…WHO WOULDN’T HIRE A SLEEP TRAINER? Davis’s solutions are worth far MORE than what you pay for. Her protocol is truly a 3 DAY SLEEP SOLUTION! Here entire philosophy and practice revolves around giving the baby the chance to achieve the age appropriate behaviors that he/she is capable of. It makes total sense.

Do yourself a favor, save every dollar you spend on sleep devices / sound machines / books / gadgets / and HIRE DAVIS! My best friend and boss hired Davis within 2 weeks after me, with the same results and have been thanking me ever since. You don’t have to be sleep deprived, miserable, and a non-functioning new parent. Not only are my husband and I happier (she’s a marriage saver too) but our baby is truly the happiest baby on the block.

People are always complimenting us and say, wow your baby is always so happy and smiling. My simple reply is…it’s because she is well rested.

There is a not a single book or pediatrician who I would trust more than I trust Davis. Her experience is second to none. She is professional, responsive, encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, and completely prepared. Her strategy is a no-fail plan that will transform your life.